by on October 28, 2021

So, I'm new at this. I got a couple of Nucs from Mike P in September and have to say, they are very gentle. I also purchased some front entrance feeders but I was putting them on top of the hives. The bees didn't seem interested which I mentioned to Lisa at the Bee Meeting. She said I needed to put them in the front entrance after which, they started sucking down the syrup. 

So, the first time I put the feeders in the entrance, I was wearing shorts, T-Shirt and a veil. We've all seen the videos. Fed the first hive and everything was fine. When I put the second feeder in the entrance of the next hive, it didn't fit right and pushed the entire entrance reducer inside the hive.  Uh oh. So I'm thinking, I need to get that out of there. Never saw this in a video. Bees didn't seem to mind what I was doing. 

So there I was, crouched down and peeking inside the front entrance to see where the reducer was. Still no issues. I figure I can grab it with a stick and pull it out. Found one, tried it, the bees did mind that and lit my ass up! Yep. At least 15 times. Wish I had a picture or filmed it but ......

Next time I'll suit up! 

I won't do that again!  :laughing:  Still change out the jars without suiting up but I'll never stick anything in that entrance again without a suit on!


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