This forum thread is set up for questions on how to use the websit, as well as suggestions. If you have a question how how to use something on the site, or want to suggest something, just post a reply below. The site will notify me and I'll review and answer.

Q & A:

1. How do you add a photo, video, page or blog?

Click on the link above for the section you want to add something to. On the upper right hand side, you will see a small green circle with a pplus sign inside it. Click that and you will be able to upload or create according tot he section you are in.

You can also add photos and videos in the home page news feed, as well as on your profile feed the same way you do on FB. Just at the URL link and the site will pull in the information.

2. Why is there a math question during sign up and why do we have to upload a profile photo during the process?

Both of those are to help keep spammers out, and real people in. Many spammers use software to gain access tot he site. By completing these twoo functions, the software they use is tricked and in most cases, can not create a false account. When they come in person and complete the process, I'll notice them and get rid of the account.

3. I get a lot of email notifications from tthe website. How can I cut them back?

By default the system will send you notfications any time someone interacts with you. You can select which notifications to receive in your "Privacy Settings". On the right side of your profile picture, top right, you'll see a small drop down arrow. Click that and a menu appears. Click Privacy sttings,  then click the email notifications tab.  From there you can disable a variety of notifications. You can leave Fried Request turned on, and turn off Blog Notifications for instance by clicking the blue icon to the right of it.  This applies to each option. Most people only prefer to receive notifications for friend requests, new comments and the news letter, but turn off notifications for "Likes" since it will generate more emails.. 

4. Pages & Groups. What's the difference?

These basically work the same as FB. You would start a page foor a business perhaps. Invite people to like the page, and make announcements and post information there to interested people. Maybe for an Apiary, Band, Hardware store, etc.

A group is for a discussion. You may start a group on mite treatments and the best product to use. People can join the group and participate in the discussion on your group page. 

To start either one, click the link at the top, then look for the "Add" button. A green circle with a + sign in it. Click that to get started. Pages and groups have their own sub menu where you can add a variety of information,

5. Where is the Chat System?

At the bottom right of your PC screen, you'll see an icon that says "Chat". Here you can have a private conversation with an online member. You will see a small gear icon in the blue bar. Click it to open the menu. Here you can manage who can chat with you or block someone if you wish. 

On the right side of the Chat icon, you can click the small blue icon. This will open the main chat room where everyone online can participate.  Next to the title "Bee Lobby" there is a plus sign. Click it and you will see a list of chat rooms. Another plus sign is in the blue bar, Click that to start your own chat room. The small gear has additional settings related to the main chat.

If you are on a mobile device, you will see a small blue icon at the bottom right. Click that to access the chat features.

6. Site notification features

At the top right of your screen, to the left or your photo are three icons. From left to right. First icon will let you know if you have a friend request. The second is the email feature. You can email another member here. If you have a message, it will let you know. To compose a message, click the icon, then click the + sign in the blue. Select your fried and type away. 

The third icon is for  notifications such as likes, comments, etc.

7. How can I change or update my cover and profile photos?

Navigate to your provile by clicking your avatar at the top right of the screen. When you get there, notice a small camera icon on your profile photo, and on the left side of your cover phots. Click the camera icon and you can add or update the photo.

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