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Beekeeping Equipment

One of the biggest costs for getting started beekeeping is the equipment. You'll need protective clothing, beekeeping tools and of course, a beehive.  Below are some recommendations on equipment we've used and are happy with.

Jacket or suit - You will want a three layer protective jacket or suit. I use a jacket and loose fitting jeans. Single layer cotton suits will get you stung. I used one my first year and found when you sweat, the material sticks to you. That's where they'll get you.

Here's a link to a good jacket -

A good pair of gloves. I've found that many I've purchased in the past have quickly worn out.  I finally found a pair that I've been using the past five months and they are still holding up. Here's the link -

Beekeeping tools:  It's cheaper to buy a set with several tools than to buy them one at a time.  You can start with this or shop around -  I don't use everything in this set but it doesn't hurt to have it and save a few bucks getting started.

And a bee hive.   The following link goes to a wax dipped double deep hive with a honey super. Frames and foundation included. This hive is well built and goes together well. It comes with a screened bottom board with a metal insert, painted white. You can remove 2 small nails and it will slide out. This is good during mite treatments to see what kind of drop you have.  Best one I've seen on Amazon yet.  Here's the link:

Feeders: There's two types of feeders we recommend. If you have more than 4 or 5 hives, you'll want an in frame feeder. They hold more and you won't have to feed as often. Here's a link to an in frame feeder -

If you only have a few hives, a hive top feeder works well too with minimal disturbance of the hive. You will have to modify the ventilation hole in your inner cover for it to fit. Find it here -

Hope this helps. If you have some suggestions on other equipment that is helpful post a reply!